Onko alkukirkon Piispan opetukset suurempia kuin 12 apostolin? No eivät varmaan, lue itse tämä sivusto: Tutustu Ireneuksen, Hippolytuksen, Kyprianuksen ja Augustinuksen historiaan. Lapsikastetta puoltavat kirkkokunnat tulkitsevat kirkkoisä Tertullianuksen (n. 150–225) noin vuodelta 200 jaa. olevasta kirjoituksesta De baptismo, että lapsikaste on vanha apostolinen tapa. Raamatussa kuitenkaan ei ole yhtään lapsikastetapausta. Kuka aloitti lapsikasteen? Vastaamme siihen katolilaisten arkistojen pohjalta. Olit sitten kirkon pappi tai kuka tahansa, voit hoitaa tämä asian kuntoon. Sivuille tästä Lähteet

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The basic ideological dilemma for development has so many aspects that people cannot get any clear picture about it without open discussion. Neither can they have a strong foundation for their life. Functioning democracy requires open, reasonable information flowing from honest public discussion without corruption.

Some conclusions or definitions about these terms - Aggressive atheism (Greek a-theos= no God): Because God doesn't exist, teaching or tolerance of Christianity is teaching or tolerance of lies. It is a crucial question how this conclusion was reached.

Agnostism (a-gnosis= no knowledge) or unclear, liberal 'Atheism': Because it is not possible to get factual information on God nor ways to verify it, Christianity is not a trustworthy foundation for teaching and development, nor is Atheism, if we are honest, until man produces trustworthy evidence of either nonexistence of God or existence of God. If there is no knowledge of God, God cannot fit as a basement for development.

Liberal theology: Because information on God is not 'scientific', faith on God as 'unscientific' is not a proper basis for teaching and development.

True Christianity: Because it is verified and proved true; factual information on Jesus, His life, voluntary death for our sins, His resurrection as victory over death, His promised presence in Believers (us), Christianity is ´the proper, strong foundation for:- seeking truth, true science, education and development. Christ donates His peace, love and joy, patience, hope, tolerance, respect of human dignity and rights, also a loving atmosphere for all people and to all Believers. This tolerance includes Atheism.

Positivism: A process after the French revolution to eliminate any superstitions and religions from Science. One result of this is the demand for double blind requirements in research so that prejudices and beliefs of a researcher cannot confuse free, pure and true results. Scientific and technical progress can somehow thank positivism. One branch of positivism is critical Bible studying and liberal Theology. We could have a lot of experimental information on ultimate completion of positivism in the Soviet Block, a community experiment of 70 years. After the traditional, Atheistic positivism starts to destroy it's own basement; is there a limit, and an endeavour to seek mere truth? What about if the truth happens to be the existence and essence of God (just as Jesus came to tell us), as well as the personality of Jesus, His voluntary death on the cross, His resurrection, life after death, existence of the soul, even eternity and another universe ...?

Reductionism: This targets to explain complex phenomena from the smallest possible parts. Researchers believe that research on quarks and leptons (as electrons) could reveal all phenomena built on them. Josef Stalin, inspired by Atheistic materialism, described that the "Electron is unlimited", as the endless resource to explain all phenomena of the universe and life wherever electrons exist. An argument against reductionism: Studying ink is not a way to know information. Information seems to have its own laws out of any material basis. Even studying codes is not enough to understand a publication. You may get very limited understanding of genetic information by studying genetic codes without understanding roles of specific proteins or ecological roles, even meanings in life. If we need to know the language and concentrate to understand the message, similarly we need to concentrate to understand the message of God in the Bible and human history.

Eu-theology: (Gr eu = good, well) Research on real phenomena of the Holy Spirit, to create methods to study facts, if God exists, if Jesus lived, if the Bible is truth or a given code, effects of faith in body functions and society, if soul exists, if there exists another world as Jesus told, eternity, the Heaven as another reality etc. If Atheists cannot tolerate this kind of research something is wrong with their honesty.


Atheism is protection of ignorance in the eyes of real Christianity. How many Atheists ever seriously asked the question: "Does God exist?" without receiving a proper answer (yet)? Could an Atheist honestly tell by which methods, from which materials or sources and how long and serious research he/she has done? Jesus asserted that 'everyone seeking will find' (Lk 11:10, cf Jer. 29:13), also that everyone is beloved (Joh 3:16, 1 Tim 2:4). Doctrines of Atheism have not shown any essential improvements since the compulsory 'scientific Atheism' was created in the Societ Union and East Germany. Does renewal of Atheism target to rebuild the same cruel ruins, which people in almost all Communistic states have already rejected? Is it possible to learn something from those community experimentations of 70 years? The gas chambers of ungodly Nazism pail in front of the results of aggressive Atheism for example in the Soviet Union where numbers of murdered people were more than tenfold and murdering continued the whole time during Atheistic rule (cf document film 'Soviet case', book 'Black Book of Communism'). We may challenge all Atheists to study documents of real Christianity, including the Bible. We have collected and display some basic facts about this in the Kids' Bible Park, Parikkala, Finland. Can we safely build up an educational system and society without knowing the risks hidden in the above mentioned foundational ideologies or philosophies? Science should be brave enough to show an example in honesty and boldness against corruption and cruelty.

Could we honestly claim that Christianity has also caused cruel results? Yes, we can, if the 'Christianity' includes 'Antichristianity' which fully contradicts the teaching and life of Jesus. Does murdering or criminality fit together with the words of Jesus. "Love your enemies" (Mt 5:44, cf Prov 25:21), and "Love your neighbors as yourselves!" (Lk 10:27), and "I am the bread of life... who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world" (Jn 6:35, 33), or those of Paul as "Win bad by good!" (Rom 12:21) or "Honor one another above yourselves" (Rom 12:10). Jesus gave HIs life for us. The apostles gave their lives to spead the Gospel. Real Christians should also give their lives for their neighbours. Life has meaning. The meaning of our life is love. Everybody is needed in the common building of a better future. Genuine Christianity has endured extremely hard tests. It is the strongest source for building up an efficient educational and scientific system as well as the whole human society.

If God does not really exist, Christianity (as well as the zeal of Atheists) is in vain. Then all Christianity could be eliminated from the educational system. But there should then be some strong evidence that God does not exit, otherwise Atheism cannot be regarded as any serious theory, least of all as any true scientific theory.

But if God exists and has sent Jesus the Nazarene to this world, from another kind of universe; the Atheists and others need clear evidences. We should make explicit conclusions. Researcher Barbara Frale studied the shroud of Turin by raster technology and found texts, as (I)esou(s), Nnazarennos. The Scientific world has started to be convinced that the shroud is the authentic shroud of Jesus the Nazarene and is also the evidence of His death on the cross - but it can be also an evidence of His resurrection, as He foretold in advance. Thus the texts of the Gospels are getting strong support. How otherwise would it be possible to understand the great change of attitudes of His disciples and the beginning of the new church? Why could Paul be so brave as to claim: "If there is no resurrection, then our teaching is lies.... then let us eat and drink and die tomorrow" (1 Cor.15:14, 32 ). Paul regards resurrection as the basic criteria for Christianity.

Barbara Frale found in the Turin shroud texts such as (Photo below): 1. (I)esou(s) "Jesus", 2. Nnazarennos "Nazarene",

3. (o)pse kia(tho) "descended early in the evening", 4. in nece(m) "to death", 5. pez(o) "I executed". For example http://news.discovery.com/history/big-pic-shroud-turin-claim.html

Have Atheists studied the existence of God and His resurrection? Does any evidence of the resurrection exist? There is a whole research field which is called 'Near Death Phenomena'. Many who have passed through this experience have told similar stories. Jaroslawski, a leader of 'The International League of Militant Atheists' said as his last words: "Burn my books. Look at the Holy One! He has waited for me. He is here." Do Atheists agree with their colleague Josef Stalin when he executed his backsliding comrades? It is always easy to complain that man loses his senses, and to avoid understanding the message of Jaroslawski, a spiritually poor man until he decided for truth and righteousness. Why do Atheists try to eliminate Christianity from universities and through that; attempt to eradicate it from the whole country - not only Christianity but also brave souls who seek truth?

If the great ideas of Hitler, as the final solution of the 'Jewish question' and the Nazis' zeal for evolution to create a 'pure Herrvolk', a higher supernation, have shown to be crazy, how much more senseless is the 'scientification' of the whole society in murdering more than ten times more people in Atheistic Soviet Union? What basis can aggressive Atheists prove that might show that the way their methods of pushing whole societies is somewhat better? How can Atheists explain their antogonism towards Jesus Christ and Christianity? How is it possible to feel disgusting and hostile feelings against the One who has only demonstrated love? Did the power that hated Jesus Christ and crucified Him, and later killed the Apostles, and also persecuted Christians throughout history; ever disappear? Is that an irrational 'virus'?

If the Christian faith would be like a virus infection or pandemia as some Atheists say it is, then it could have weakened the abilities and critical understanding of Christain Scientists. So all the remarkable findings and discoveries of Christians would be somehow untrustworthy. Similar boycots as Hitler had against the Jewish researchers would be reasonable for Atheists to use and Christians could similarly be sent to 'institutions'. Obviously the Atheistic 'top researchers' have reached in their mental world much higher standards than any Christian or Jewish researcher as Albert Einstein did. Einstein said with deep respect: "The figure of Jesus the Nazarene has enchanted me... " Jewish and Christian researchers have produced the most important scientific results. Wikipedia lists 417 Jewish, 126 Christian and 115 Atheistic famous/prominent researchers (but the criteria are not equal) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Christian_thinkers_in_science; cf godandscience.org/apologetics/sciencefaith.html, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category: Jewish_scientists, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_atheists_%28science_and_technology%29).


If we are not convinced about basic ideologies, we could do local experiments before any decisions will be done concerning the whole nation. If a community is convinced about 'scientific' Atheism, it could decide to build its society on those ideas and reject all Christianity as lies. This society could be united with one university, where all Christianity would be banned and the positivistic potentials maximized tobe called a 'Po Pot-university'. Atheists could demonstrate allof their creativity and explain how good, ideal society they can build without God's love, without Jesus Christ and try and prove how compulsory Atheism in the Soviet Union was not yet perfect enough.

A Christian society might choose Christian love and truth as their source, and tolerate other ideologies including Atheism, to build the society. The schools could then increase education using the Bible as a basis. The employers and work places could be allowed to start their days by prayers and even to have Bible studies. Christianity and Christian love would be a highly appreciated virtue. Those universities which accept Christianity, could form a cooperative ring, Agape Academy (Agape = Godly love) to help all children to be beloved, to decrease hunger, to improve water supply, to decrease corruption etc and to fulfil the will of God (Agape). (Matt 25:34-36).

If the results of that critical society experiment could show evidences of any superiority of Atheism, then the results could be applied in the whole nation and many other universities. But if the results would be very limited, one-sided, biased, or even cruel as many Atheistic experiments have previously proved to be (e.g. Lysenko's genetics), the conclusions would develop into more freedom and respect, even towards Christian love. Then people should accept 'all flowers to blossom' just as in Christian societies. In Christian circles, Atheists have more freedom and human rights than in any Atheistic societies. Let us support the research of the Atheists, but let us not allow them, in their arrogance, to hinder or destroy the research and development by Christians and others. There will be time, when evidences of God's existence, the love of Christ and the functions of the Holy Spirit will prove obvious with scientific criteria. Our position as humans is to cooperate, to respect, and to love each other and 'do to others as you would have them do to you' (Luke 6:31).

Loving greetings

Seppo Turunen , Siilinjärvi, Finland

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